Festival Info

Find more info below each event, including specifics on judging and sequences for each.

Big Air.

With a men and women bracket we will find out who can go the biggest in Crystal Coast. With WOO’s event support, we will be using their device to accurately measure the height of your best jumps. The single highest jumps will take the lead.

Separate men and women 4 person heats taking the top 2 highest jumps will advance until the final round. The 4 person semi final will decide 3rd place and the top 2 will have a final battle for 1st.

Follow flag sequence for 7m heats.



Using the world class “Dingle” elimination format, we will have a men’s and women’s class to find out who is most radical on the water. Dingle Elimination gives everyone a second chance to avoid quick elimination and have a minimum of 2 heats on the water. The first round will be a 3-person heat with the top person advancing to the 3rd round and the bottom 2 advancing to the 2nd round where 2-person heat will slowly push through elimination round. 2 person heats allow the riders to not have others in their way and allow for the most precise judging possible.

7 minute heats with 3 minute transitions will allow us to stay on a simple 6 minute heat per hr schedule.

Heats will NOT be held for late competitors, this allows for better organization and for the on time riders to know the exact time of their heat well in advance for less confusion.

Flag sequence TBA.

Ex (Red: heat off (heat end to 2min into transition) No Flag: 1 min to start Green: Heat (up for 6 mins) on Yellow: 1 min to heat end (up for 1 min) Red: Heat ended up for 2 min) Repeat…..

Judging: 3 top tricks will be scored for 75% and overall impression 25%

  • 25% each
  • height, power, technicality, execution
  • crashes do not count, butt checks will be a deduction
  • all tricks scored but only top 3 counted
  • other tricks/constancy, variety, crowd stoke, creativity for 25% overall impression 


Downwind Race 

Fastest from point A to B. One start line, one finish line, no marks in-between.

Depending on number of racers we will do multiple starts at 5 minute intervals determined by registration class.

Start sequence:

  • Red flag: 5 min to start
  • Yellow flag up red flag down: 1 min to start
  •  Yellow flag down: race start (no flag)

With 1 min to start racers cannot tack back on start line. (this is to avoid short tacking and tangles)

No protests. This is a fun event without full race staff.

Early start results in DQ.

Race boat/ski at start will hold flags and race official to watch for anyone early over the line.

Start line will be decided race day. It will be an offshore line with a windward and leeward mark.